Organize a formal dinner

Objectives and benefits

Learn how to be a good host or hostess without missing a single detail.

Learn how to organize the ideal get together for every occasion.

Familiarize with forms of courtesy to act naturally with security and respect in any situation.

Improve your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.

Learn the techniques of organization, the importance of detail and being social.

Learn how to surprise your guests and make them feel welcome by being well hosted.


18:00h · Presentations

19:00h · Arts and Crafts for decoration

21:00h · Dinner


8:30h · Breakfast

9:00h · Styles to decorate your table, theme, decoration and menu cards

10:30h. · Practice the floral art and table dressing

13:00h · Lunch and practical lesson on the difficult dishes

15:00h · Organizing dinner, menu, conversations, dress code and seating

18:00h · Break

18:15h · Fruits

19:00h · Presentations and table types

20:30h · Formal dinner (practical lesson)


9:00h · Breakfast

10:00h · The Guests

13:00h · Dinner at “Els Casals” restaurant (1 Michelin star. optional)