Your country house for 48 hours. Enjoy all weekend with your guests.


Preparation + Wedding + Post-wedding. Your countryside home for 48 hours. Enjoy all weekend with your guests.

At Masia Escrigas there is accommodation for up to 21 guests. We also have the other two rural houses (La Bauma and Palau de Roc) at 1km and 4km, and we are in contact with other neighboring rural houses to accommodate as many guest as as possible.

Surprise your guests with a show cooking of roasted beef ‘gaucho’ style in our giant barbeque. Cooking the ribs takes up to five hours, and they cook in slow fire to obtain a juicy and delicious meat.

The Ceremony

Civil Ceremony

You can choose the part of the garden that is most to your taste or even our forest of centenary roubars.


Religious Ceremony

The old feudal lords, farmers and clergy of the XI century left the area with a rich historic patrimony, therefore today we dispose of a great variety of churches filled with history.

The banquet