Farm Shopping

Back in time, our establishments were home of the owners, workers???, farmers and shepherds that kept the cattle and cared for the land of the estate where they are situated. Nowadays, we keep agriculture as the main activity on the land that surrounds the houses. Conscious of the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles, we specialize in ecological agriculture. Our accommodations are a paradise of the lovers of good food. We can provide you with produce straight from the field so you can cook what you like most with fresh products and the best quality.

We cultivate, we harvest and eat following the seasons. Our just harvested ecological vegetables have incomparable texture, aroma, taste and color. A great variety of mushrooms can be found in our forests, and our animals pasture calmly in grass fields. What we lack in our estate is milk and cheese production that neighboring farms provide for us.

During your stay we encourage you to participate in the farm activities, guided tours and gastronomic tastings that allow you to learn a little more about our lifestyle, culture and traditions that make our region so unique.

Products and baskets of the season
Discover our online store with our products and seasonal baskets. We also offer our guests the possibility to find their fridge full with our own and local product.

If you want to see our everyday life on the farm from closer and be updated about our seasonal products, we encorage you to follow us through ourr personal blog, facebook and instagram of @Candyliving.